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We believe it is vital to create a stronger European Union where the benefits of the transition to climate neutrality are available to all across our economies and societies. To help achieve this, Strategic Perspectives prioritises collaboration and inclusivity as a way to inspire bold decisions and structural transformation at pace.

We see a future with thriving industry, greater equality in society and good jobs. The decarbonisation of our economy should bring greater prosperity and tangible benefits for citizens. An international “race to the top” on green technologies can enable faster transitions across the globe to rapidly mitigate global warming. The EU has an important role to play in cooperation with other countries on climate action.

Our political objective is to drive effective climate action as the solution to solve a multitude of crises Europe is facing. With timely and proactive policy proposals, we provide analytical research, sharp perspectives and concrete solutions to help achieve our collective vision for a prosperous, cleaner, stronger and fairer Europe.



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International Relations Analyst

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Helping to set the agenda across Europe

Strategic Perspectives stands apart by thinking ahead, providing solutions on climate action through the broader lens of Europe’s economies, social inclusion, scientific evidence and political cohesion. Using agile, inclusive, incisive and proactive methods, we help set the agenda at the pace Europe needs. We are defined by a pro-Europe position, aiming to inform all sides of its political spectrum with the aim of bringing together industry, government and society for positive transformation.

A powerful bridge between research and politics

For Europe’s economic sectors to effectively decarbonise, decision-makers need robust research and analysis, combined with bold and timely policy proposals. Strategic Perspectives offers a new concept for an innovative, politically savvy think tank, helping to inform decision making while offering a much-needed bridge between research and policy-making. We conduct and synthesise the best science and fact-based research available in-market and condense it into accessible strategic solutions.

Operating across three levels: national capitals, Brussels and the international context

Brussels is one piece of the EU puzzle, and closely intertwined with Europe’s geopolitical realities and national priorities. Strategic Perspectives operates across national capitals, aiming to connect and amplify domestic and continental agendas. We seek to influence the political debate to arrive at outcomes that deliver a just and powerful economic transition that benefits all of Europe, while positioning the EU as a strong driver of the global climate agenda.

Striving for impact through agility

We acknowledge the scale and speed required to address climate change effectively. In a fast changing political context, we value agility to ensure our work is strategic, relevant and impactful.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We respect and honour diversity and differences among individuals as an opportunity to learn from each other, to achieve excellence, and to strengthen societies. We embrace fair treatment, equal opportunities for all and a culture of inclusion.

Trust and care

We empower our team and partners to thrive on the basis of mutual trust and support. We are mindful of personal preferences and seek to establish a healthy work environment.


We are strongly convinced that a broad coalition of actors, aligned around common priorities and solutions, is necessary to achieve effective results in the net-zero transformation of our society. We work in a collaborative spirit, allowing everyone to deploy their strengths.